Can I Transfer Data from Glo to MTN? [Answered]

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Glo Network

How do I transfer or share data between and ?

Hello and welcome here at FinancialExpert.NG which is where we can navigate through the technology world effortlessly and with ease. This week, we're focused on an issue that is crucial to many people as we move into the digital age: the transfer of information from to another system.

Particularly, we're investigating ways to transfer information between Glo and . Could this be possible? Let's continue to discover! Let's begin and explore the world of data transfers!

Glo as well as MTN Networks

Glo as well as MTN are among the most prominent telecommunications network providers in Nigeria and are expanding each day! All day long, the companies are expanding very rapidly, and that is because of the incredible discounts they bring to their clients. Incredible offers include low prices for calls, affordable costs for data, lightning-fast connection speeds, borrowing-me-data bonus offers, and more!

What is the best way to transfer data on Glo 2024?

How do I transfer data between Glo and USSD coding?

For data transfer to Glo with USSD Code, it is necessary to follow the instructions below:

  1. Contact *127*00*# of the recipient in your Glo line for them to be added to your transfer list of data through Glo.
  2. Call *777# and Choose feature 1. (‘Buy data')
  3. Select option 4 (‘Gift Data')
  4. After you've selected Buy Data', you'll be presented with various options for bundles of data. You can choose choice 3: “Gift Data, which permits you to transfer your data to a different Glo subscriber.
  5. Input the telephone number of the person who will be calling.
  6. When you select ‘Gift Data', you'll be asked to enter the telephone number of the person who will be receiving it. You must enter the recipient's phone number; ensure that you fill it in correctly.
  7. Choose the bundle of data to transfer
  8. After entering the number of the person who will be receiving it, you will then be asked to select which data bundle you wish to transfer. Select the bundle of data you wish to transfer in order to proceed.
  9. Confirm the transfer after selecting the data bundle you want to transfer, you'll be required to confirm the transfer. Verify that you've put in the correct telephone number as well as the correct data bundle prior to confirming the transfer.
  10. Get notified of the data transfer. Once the transfer process is complete, both you and the recipient will be notified via Glo. This notification will verify the amount of data transferred as well as the period of validity of the bundle of data.

In this case, for example, you wish to send 500MB of your data to a person with a phone number of 08012345678, dial *777#, and choose feature 1. (Buy Data), select choice 3 (Gift Data), enter 08012345678, choose 500MB, confirm the transfer and be patient for an SMS message to confirm the transfer.

In order to not waste a lot of our time, let's get this underway. It's going to be fascinating!

How do I transfer data from Glo to MTN through a USSD code?

It is by far the most well-known and quickest method to get tasks done using Glo as well as MTN. If you want to transfer information from Glo to a different Glo users, you may call *777#. However, I'm sad to announce that transferring information from Glo MTN to MTN with USSD codes cannot be done!

It is possible that I just told you to call *..#, but what would I collect by telling you the truth?

Okay, now that we are aware that it's not feasible to make use of an USSD code, what do you think would happen via SMS?

How can I share data from Glo to MTN through SMS?

My sibling, it's not possible to send the data of Glo for MTN subscribers together SMS! It's not possible!

Since that technique isn't working, what about the Glo Mobile App [Glo Cafe Nigeria] and Glo Cafe Nigeria. ?

How can I Transfer Data to Glo to MTN through the Glo mobile app? [Glo Cafe Nigeria] [Glo Cafe Nigeria]

A person once said that it was a choice to send Glo information to MTN However, when I conducted my own research, I realized that he's a complete liar!

There is another choice, which is to call Glo customer support.

How do I transfer data to Glo to MTN? Contacting Glo Customer Support

As we all know, when problems arise with the Glo service, Glo customer support is always available to help.

Today, as I awoke and got my phone, I snatched it up and made Glo customer support a call. I explained that I wanted to transfer information from the Glo line to the MTN user. Their response was that it could not be done, and I was able to transfer information from Glo to Glo and not transfer data from Glo to an alternative network!

Now, the question is, can it be done? Is there a technique to employ?

Can I transfer information from Glo MTN to MTN?

The answer is simple and straightforward, as I don't like lying.

It's impossible to transfer information from Glo in to MTN! There's not a technique or trick that could make it happen!

The only way you could do it is to open a bank account and then subscribe to your MTN friend through the bank account!! Rich kid! (lol)

Conclusion on how to transfer data From Glo to MTN

In conclusion, the transfer of information from Glo to MTN isn't possible! Therefore, if anyone claims to you that you could transfer information between Glo and MTN, then they are lying to you!

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