Ecobank Transfer Code – List of Ecobank USSD Codes

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Eco Bank

List of USSD Codes

Never has banking been more accessible or convenient, thanks to innovative methods introduced into Nigerian banks.

One such innovative and revolutionary solution is the transfer code, a USSD code that enables banking functions via mobile phone without needing access to the Internet.

Imagine having the convenience of making banking transactions from anywhere at any time with 's transfer codes! Your dream has now come true.

offers an innovative banking solution in 2024: Ecobank transfer codes! Get ready to alter how you bank using these revolutionary codes!

This blog post will give readers all of the details necessary to gain an understanding of this transfer code, answering any queries you might have, such as:

  • What's the EcoBank transfer number?
  • How do I enable Ecobank transfer codes?
  • What are the conditions to be met in order to use your ECO Bank USSD code?
  • How do you sign up to receive your ECO Bank transfer code in 2024?
  • What are the numerous ECO Bank USSD codes?
  • How do you remove or block this ECO Bank USSD code?
  • What do you think of this ECO Bank loan USSD code?
  • Ecobank transfer codes that can be used to an alternative bank
  • How do you sign up to receive an EcoBank transfer number without having an ATM?
  • What do you mean by this ECO Bank transfer code to other banks?
  • How do I get the USB code?
  • What do you need to know? an eight-digit pin to use for this Ecobank transaction code?

Let's get into the nitty-gritty specifics! Keep in mind that FinancialExpert NG is there to help your needs always!

What exactly is the Ecobank Transfer Code?

Are you searching for an efficient and straightforward method to complete transactions without visiting a bank branch or using online payment options? Check out the ECO Bank transfer code!

The code provides customers with an innovative solution to conduct various transactions, including checking account balances and transferring funds, purchasing and making payments, as well as opening new accounts.

To use an ECO Bank transfer code on their mobile phones, users simply dial *326# from their handsets and follow the onscreen instructions.

Conditions to enable Ecobank USSD Code

The Ecobank USSD Code activation process is simple and needs to be processed by the customer in order to meet certain requirements. These prerequisites are as follows:

  1. Customers should have a mobile number that is linked to the Ecobank account. To link their mobile number, customers can go to every ECO Bank branch or contact the customer support center.
  2. Customers need to be assured that the number associated with the ECO Bank account is active and that they are able to access the account. The number must be in a position to send and receive messages via text, since that is the principal method of communication between the bank as well as the USSD number.
  3. Customers are required to ensure that their Ecobank account is in good standing. There shouldn't be any problems or outstanding debts on the account.
  4. Customers should be assured that the number that they used to enroll to receive the USSD code is identical to the one they have on their account. This will ensure there's no confusion with the account information and that transactions go smoothly.

Once these conditions have been fulfilled, customers can access their ECO Bank USSD code by dialling *326# on their phones and following the prompts that are shown on the display screen.

Customers will be required to provide their ECO Bank account number and create a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to verify it.

Once activated, customers will be able to use their USSD code for various financial transactions.

Are you tired of sitting around the bank? Contact *326# now for help, and let's make banking effortless!

How do I register to get an Eco Bank Transfer Code in 2024?

If you are an ECO Bank customer, you have the ability to sign up for an ECO Bank transfer code and make various bank transactions using your phone. These are the steps you need to take:

  1. Contact *326# at the phone number associated with the account. ECO Bank account to access the ECO Bank USSD code menu that appears on the screen of your phone.
  2. Follow the instructions on screen to choose the account to use with your USSD code. If you own many accounts at ECO Bank, you will be asked to choose which account that you wish to access to get your USSD code.
  3. Create a four-digit PIN in order to authorize transactions using a USSD code. USSD code. The PIN is used to approve every transaction that is made using that USSD code. Pick a password that's not difficult to remember but also hard for other people to determine.
  4. Verify your PIN, and then complete the registration. After entering your preferred PIN, you'll be asked to confirm the PIN. Once you've confirmed your PIN, you will have completed your registration, and then you are able to start using your ECO Bank transfer code to make various bank transactions.

It is crucial to remember that the customer should keep their PIN private and shouldn't give it out to anyone. In addition, the customer must ensure they've got enough time on their phones to use the air prior to entering their USSD code, since there could be charges for the USSD network.

The list of Ecobank USSD Codes

ECO Bank offers various USSD codes to enable customers to complete diverse banking transactions from their mobile phones. Below is a listing of a handful of USSD codes as well as their uses:

  • *326*0#: opening an account
  • *326*1*Amount*Account Number#: Transfer to another ECO Bank account.
  • *326*2*Amount*Beneficiary Phone Number: Buy for yourself or a third party.
  • *326*2*Amount*Beneficiary Phone Number#: Purchase data for yourself or a third party.
  • *326*6* Biller ID Number: You pay your bills like DSTV, PHCN, and other bills.
  • *326*7#: Review the balance of your account.
  • *326*60#: transfer funds to different banks using USSD, then take the card's PIN and then transfer up to $100,000.
  • *326*911#: Block your USSD number if you suspect that the code has been hacked.
  • *326*912#: Remove your USSD code if it has been blocked in the past.

How do you block the EcoBank USSD code?

If you think that the ECO Bank USSD code has been compromised, it is possible to prevent it from happening with the help of these steps:

  1. Call * 326*911# to dial the number associated with the account. ECO Bank account.
  2. Choose opportunity 2. This will stop the USSD code.
  3. Enter your 4-digit USSD code PIN.
  4. Make sure you confirm the move.

How can I remove the blockage? ECO Bank USSD Code

If you've blocked your ECO Bank USSD code and wish to get it unblocked, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Call *326*912# to dial the number associated with the account. ECO Bank account.
  2. Choose opportunity 3. To unblock you from together your USSD code.
  3. Enter your 4-digit USSD code PIN.
  4. Make sure you confirm the move.

Through the ECO Bank transfer code, banking transactions can be made quicker and easier. Customers can perform different bank transactions using their smartphones without needing to visit an actual bank branch or even go to the web.

ECO Bank Loan USSD Code

An Easy Way for you to Access Quick Loans ECO Bank is aware of the necessity for fast access to cash and created a loan option which can be obtained via the USSD code. If you're eligible to receive loans, take the steps listed below to gain access:

  1. Call *326# using the number associated with the account. ECO Bank account.
  2. Choose feature 5 to request the credit.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen to finish the application for a loan.

It is crucial to remember that the customer should warrant that they are secure with their PIN. They should never divulge it to anyone. Furthermore, users should assure they have enough minutes of on their smartphones prior to entering their USSD code, as there could be charges for network usage.

Commonly Asked Questions about ECO bank transfer code

What should I do with this ECO Bank transfer code?

Utilizing the ECO Bank transfer code, you are able to perform a broad array of tasks, like monitoring your balance on your account or transferring funds from other accounts, buying airtime for you or someone else, paying off bills, and opening new accounts.

How can I obtain the Ecobank mobile transfer pin?

What happens if I forget my password? Select the Forgot PIN button on the app. Then select Call Now for the contact center to reset your password.

What is the number of digits in the Ecobank USSD?


The PIN is the six-digit number that you entered when you first enrolled on the USSD platform. This allows us to verify every transaction with a *326 number.

Where can I locate the Ecobank OTP Code?

When you make a purchase via your debit or credit card online, it will notify us to send an automatic single-time passcode (OTP) to your phone number, which we hold in our database for you. You can enter the OTP via the Ecobank-branded page, which will verify your identity. Proceed with your purchase in the same way as usual.

How can I enable Ecobank Internet Banking?

Ecobank utilizes Secure Access, an online security program created to make online banking more secure and offer confidence.

  1. Select “Log-in into Internet Banking.”
  2. Select the country you reside in and then select “Log-in for the account you have created.”
  3. Enter your unique User ID.
  4. Make sure you enter your password in the correct order and verify the validity of your Secure image and message.

What can I do to check my Ecobank account amount?

To verify the status of your Ecobank account balance, you need to call *326*0#. It is necessary to dial the number that is linked to the account number. You can also register your account with Mobile Money.


At its core, the ECO Bank transfer code offers consumers an easy and hassle-free method for performing banking transactions without needing to physically visit a bank or go online.

To use their USSD code, one must fulfil the prerequisites outlined above and complete registration. Using one of the listed USSD codes could enable various banking transactions.

If a customer believes their USSD number has been compromised, they can follow the instructions provided to unblock or block it. Furthermore, ECO Bank offers fast loan services, which may be secured with their USSD code.

If you have any inquiries concerning this issue, feel free to write us in the box or leave a comment below, and we'll endeavour to respond as quickly as possible!


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