List of all Globus Bank USSD Code – Globus Bank Transfer Code

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Globus Bank
Globus Bank

List of all Globus Bank USSD Code 2024: Globus Bank Transfer Code

Globus Bank understands the significance of providing convenient banking solutions that meet client demands in today's fast-paced environment.

Globus Bank has made banking easier by implementing an intuitive USSD code system.

Globus Bank USSD Code Globus Bank's USSD code offers you quick and simple access to banking options directly on your phone, without the need to connect online or visit branches.

Just a few taps to your phone's keypad will enable you to perform various transactions and effortlessly manage accounts.

Find your account balance or transfer funds for bills, purchases, or by dialling Globus Bank's USSD number.

USSD codes are easy to remember, are easily accessible from mobile phones, and are suitable for everyone—no need to wait in lines for hours at banks during office hours!

By taking advantage of Globus Bank transfer codes, banking will always be within reach and provide secure and efficient services that save both time and energy.

Ok, enough said! No doubt you are eager to understand this USSD code from Globus Bank, and I will do everything possible to assist. So let's keep the tone mellow; allow me to guide you step by step through everything related to its learnings.

What is Globus Bank? USSD Code

Its USSD number for Globus Bank in Nigeria is *989#. When you dial this number on your cell phone, you will be able to access many banking options and conduct transactions like checking your balance in your account, transferring funds, purchasing , and many more.

Be sure to dial your registered mobile number that is associated to the Globus Bank account when using the USSD code.

Requirements to Activate Globus Bank USSD Code

Here are the items you must do to activate your Globus Bank transfer code:

  • Globus Bank account: You must have an account with a Globus Bank account.
  • Credit card or a valid debit card tied to your bank account.
  • Telephone number: You must also possess a number that is associated with your account.
  • mobile phone (browsing phones or not).

How to Register for the Globus Bank Transfer Code in 2024

To use the Globus Bank transfer code, it is necessary to register or activate first. To sign up for the transfer number, comply with the steps listed below:

  • Call or open your phone. the App
  • You can dial *989#
  • Fill in the Globus Bank Account Number
  • Enter your ATM card details
  • Create a new 4-digit PIN.
  • Confirm the PIN
  • Congratulations! You've successfully completed the registration process to receive your Globus Bank transfer code.

List of Globus Bank USSD Code in 2024

Below is a listing of Globus Bank USSD Code available:

  • Globus Bank code to check the balance: 989#
  • Globus Bank code for account number: *989#
  • Globus Bank code for transfer of to Globus Bank: *989*1*amount*account number#
  • Globus Bank code for transfer of to other banks: *989*2*amount*account number#
  • Globus Bank code to buy on your own: *989*Amount#
  • Globus Bank code to buy airtime to others The code is: *989*3*amount*phone number#
  • Globus Bank code for checking VBN: *565*0#
  • Account Opening: *989#
  • Data Purchase: *989#

In accordance with the actions you want to perform You can dial the code, then Follow the prompts!

Globus Bank USSD Code for Airtime

The process of purchasing airtime using a Globus Bank transfer code is extremely simple and easy.

A Globus Bank USSD code to purchase airtime on your own is 989*Amount#. If you wish to purchase it for other people, then you can use the USSD code *989*Amount*Phone#.

To buy the airtime together with Globus Bank's code, follow these steps: Globus Bank code, simply comply with these instructions:

  1. Call *989*Amount# from your cell phone (the number that you used to register the Globus Bank account), or if you'd like to recharge other accounts, you can dial *989*Amount*Phone#.
  2. For example, if you want to recharge N500, dial *989*500#, or for others, dial *989*500*080123456789#.
  3. Choose the feature to buy or recharge airtime.
  4. Select the network you want to use (e.g., MTN, Glo, , or ).
  5. Check the transaction's details, then input your 4-digit USSD bank PIN.
  6. Hit the send button, and in a matter of seconds, your phone will be credited with the time you chose.

Transfer with Globus Bank USSD Code

To transfer money from your Globus Bank Account to another bank, simply dial *989*2*amount*account number #.

If you want to transfer money from your Globus Bank Account to another Globus account, all you need to do is dial *989*1*amount*account number #.

Globus Bank Transfer Code 2024: FAQs

What is the code for transfer to Globus Bank?

Globus USSD Code is *989#. With the 3-digit *989# number code, you are able to make transfers, pay bills, request loans quickly, check the balance of your account, recharge your data and airtime, etc. with no hassle.

What is the perfect way to open an account at Globus Bank by using the benefit of a USSD code?

Additionally, you can utilize the number *989# in order to establish an account, view the bank statement, or pay your bills from the comfort of your home.

Are you sure that Globus Bank is an online bank?

Globus Bank is a digital bank authorized by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide commercial banking services to Nigerian citizens. The bank's goal is to make financial services more efficient through the effective and responsible use of technology and people..

The bank you chose is Globus Bank in Nigeria.

Globus Bank was incorporated as “Globus Bank Ltd” on March 6, 2019 and has been granted a license as a commercial bank through the Central Bank of Nigeria. The bank operates 16 branches throughout the country.

Do you know if Globus Bank has a ?

It's true: Globus Bank has a . Now, you can visit one of our Globus Bank branches to get your virtual credit card for online transactions.

What is the best way to verify the balance of my Globus account?

For checking your balance using Globus USSD, you will be required to dial *989#, then select your account balance. Then, your balance for your account will show in the display.

A bit about Globus Bank

Globus Bank, established in Nigeria and committed to meeting the financial needs of financial institutions, businesses, and individuals, is dedicated to meeting those requirements.

At our bank, the focus lies on creating tailored banking experiences to suit individual customer requirements.

Globus Bank continually innovates its banking services in order to make banking more accessible, including offering digital and user-friendly mobile applications for banking needs.

Engagement in the community and social responsibility are cornerstones of our vision.

Globus Bank strives to become your reliable financial partner, supporting your goals—be they investing in projects, driving corporate expansion, or protecting family wealth—with reliable financing services and support.

Conclusion on Globus Bank USSD Code 2024

Globus Bank USSD code makes banking transactions accessible, convenient, and safe, providing ease of use, accessibility, and security at every turn for its customers. You're now able to complete banking transactions efficiently and swiftly thanks to this code!

Bank Anytime offers banking convenience by giving access to essential services 24/7, such as instant purchases and fund transfers, as well as bill payment, all without leaving home!

Through Globus Bank transfer codes, clients can make deposits anytime from anywhere and experience a smooth banking experience.

By reading through this article, I hope that you have found what you were searching for! Thank you so much for giving your time.

If you have questions regarding this post, feel free to post them below in the comment box; one of us will get in touch within as short a period as possible!


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