How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD Full Guide

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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD Full Guide

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD: A Full Guide

We have compiled a complete tutorial on how you can Buy and sell Bitcoin on TruexGOLD and the ways you can earn income as a blogger by in recommending your contacts who are selling or buying cryptocurrencies on TruexGOLD. Learn how to set up an account with bitcoin ( to be used by novices) and the things you can do with bitcoin.

Are you wondering which other avenues can I use to earn on the internet besides blog posts or drop-shipping? Are you aware that a lot of instances, the answer to our problems are at the bottom of our list? But too much knowledge or lack of awareness can lead you to overlook them.

This blog post will provide you with a fresh perspective about how you can earn amazing cash purchases and sell bitcoin as well as other digital currencies using TruexGOLD Prior to diving into the details, if you are determined to squeeze every penny you can from the web (which is staggering), with TruexGold isn't only for selling and buying bitcoins. You can use it to purchase Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency.

There's a wonderful aspect I like about this , and that is the fact that they offer an affiliate referral program. do you know what it is? It's not, I'll explain to you: it implies that I earn some , even if I don't purchase or sell bitcoins. All I have to do is recommend my buddies who are using the platform to finance their account, or buy or sell bitcoins for that matter, even though they will receive excellent services for exchange rates, quicker responses, and helpful customer support, and you will earn a fee for the act of referring them.

Check it out; it's an all-win situation, You refer to them, they receive a desirable exchange rate right this moment, and you'll find that you and your family members are material. and you've also earned some regardless of whether you bought or sold crypto through TruexGold

Okay, as I mentioned earlier, I'll show you all I know about earning profits through TruexGOLD; however, first, I want to find out what the meaning of cryptocurrency or bitcoin means. I would like to know whether you know about the concept because I don't wish to appear like a computer expert or someone who is utterly uninformed. I'm taking this step due to the fact that I know certain bloggers want to be part of the TruexGOLD affiliate program.

What exactly is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency on the internet that is utilized to purchase and sell products. Many businesses use their currency, which are often referred to as a token. For the majority of those living in Africa as well as Nigeria, this crisis for cryptocurrency Nigeria began with the advent of MMM. This is the reason the majority of people view cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum as Ponzi-like technologies; this isn't the reality.

The cryptocurrency works together a system of technology referred to as blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that's decentralized and distributed across a number of computers which track and store transactions. The main reason people are attracted to Blockchain is its security.

If you're wondering how you can make use of cryptocurrency, here are some of the ways you can make use of the coins:

The first is that almost 90% of online commerce sites now allow cryptocurrency like bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Personally, this helps me avoid the hassle going to banks to set up an accounts with dom or any other security systems to verify my identity before I conduct transactions on the internet.

If you're into the forex market, using cryptocurrencies is an assured way to pay for your forex trading platform. for the average consumer, there is also the feature of buying crypto at times when the exchange rate is lower and then selling them off as the rate increases. In the case of 2016, when I was in the middle of 2016, I had 1.4 million on my account in the NYSC year. A bitcoin was worth 350k . Imagine having purchased 700k for 2 bitcoins. and if I were to sell it again with the exchange rate, I could earn over 8 million .

Install your Bitcoin Wallet

At this point, I'm sure that you've figured out the way that bitcoin functions. Even if you're not trading online, you'll find out ways to recommend your contacts, specifically those who trade in forex. Before you start trading or buying the bitcoin wallet, you must create an account with a bitcoin wallet.

For creating a bitcoin wallet, it's simple and straightforward. There are a few places that allow you to create an online wallet account. A few prominent websites on which you can open an account for a wallet are

Coinbase One-stop solution for exchange that is integrated into an account
Lumi Wallet free, simple, client-side interface that can generate one wallet that works with BTC Ether, BTC and lots of ERC20 tokens
Circle Users can use Bitcoins to store, transfer money to, buy and receive Bitcoins
Blockchain The most frequently used online wallets
Strongcoin It offers a hybrid wallet that allows you to encrypt your personal address details prior to transferring them to its servers
Xapo simple Bitcoin wallet that comes with the security of a cold storage vault

Once you've created an accounts, assure that you have a secured password. You now have a financial institution account in which to hold your cash, We'll push on to pay it off, perhaps to sell it in the future, or to transact, depending on the situation This is precisely where TruexGOLD is available.

Who are the people who work behind TRUEXGOLD?

TruexGold is a cryptocurrency on the internet. It's an auto-exchanger that lets you buy and sell digital currency like Bitcoins, Binary USD, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Planet Of Bets USD, Perfect Money, Ethereum and other currencies that are mentioned on the platform.

The team behind TruexGold have been part of the system for more than 5 years, and they have completed the work at home, TruexGOLD can easily fund your account in just 5 minutes or 1 hour during a working day. It is fully automated, so it is not necessary to doubt about delays

What is Legit, TruexGold?

TruexGold is among the most secure websites, so you can be sure of its legitimacy. The company is well known and is registered under the Nigerian Corporate Affairs commissions. To prove the authenticity of their services, TruexGOLD is listed on exchange websites such as

The company was recently added to one of the largest and most trusted exchange websites for e-currencies, “OKCHANGER.COM.” This listing places TruexGOLD as the very first electronic currency exchange that is based in Nigeria and around the globe to fully automate the conversion of Nigerian into digital currency and vice versa.

The word “reliability” is one you must look out every time you're planning to conduct online. In the end, if an online platform is not performing as it should, there is no way to correct the issue unless that you're in the right hands. This is why I recommend the following guys:. They know their onion.

Although there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchangers online across Nigeria, TruexGold have found ways to increase customer satisfaction, trustworthiness and speedy support. This is paired with accurate prices for exchange as compared with other platforms.

A majority of these firms are managed by one person who pretends to be large corporation; however, they are comprised of amazing teams of developers sales representatives and business analysts. They have headquarters at 57  MCC-Uratta Road, Owerri, Imo State, on any active working day.

If you weren't sure regarding how they managed their business previously, now that you have the truth, how can we today go ahead in with TruexGold to earn profits? (the most delicious aspect)

How do I Buy and sell Bitcoin on TruexGold?

On your computer's desktop or on your phone's browser address bar, enter “” on your computer or mobile phone's address bar. You're at TrueeGOLD, the platform's home page. first thing you need to learn about is the process of registration, which is easy and simple.

Sign up at the top right-hand corner of the page, and a popup will pop up with a simple registration form. Fill it out and then solve the captcha. Then click “signup.”

When you're done signing up, Click on the “User Profile page” above. Just click your username and you will get to the user Profile Settings page. You will need to enter your personal details in the manner shown below.

After you're finished and you're done, head to the first transaction. now let's take a look at the ways you can purchase Bitcoin using TruexGOLD

How To Buy Bitcoin on TruexGOLD

When you sign on to TruexGOLD at the top of the page, click to open NGN and then click at the Bitcoin BTC link, You are taken to the transactions page. There, you'll need to fill in every particular

Keep in mind that we are financing Bitcoin in our wallets, and naturally, you're buying Bitcoin BTC, also known as BTC, at TruexGOLD and therefore must enter the Bitcoin wallet's address into TruexGOLD for you to get your bitcoins.

Click Exchange After completing the captcha

In the next section, you must cross-check the address of your Bitcoin wallet and the amount of BTC you'll receive. Please ensure that everything appears okay, and then make an order. The last Page will provide an account number that you can use to make the deposit. When the time is up, you are able to return and select ” PAY” to alert that the system.

The funds should be automatically transferred when payment checks are confirmed. Also, you will be notified that the money has been deposited. Connect to your Bitcoin account in order to verify

How do I SELL Bitcoin on the TruexGOLD platform?

The TruexGOLD home page is available. just click upon the Bitcoin Link by your left, after which you can click the Bitcoin Tab link at your right (Pictured). It will take you to your personal account details

When you are on the new page, make sure to assure that you have entered your correct account number and any additional information that is required, as illustrated in the image

Once you've completed all the checks required, click on Exchange and wait for an overview, and then click Create Order to complete your request. You will then be able to create an address for your bitcoin wallet, to which you'll transfer your Bitcoin

If you create an order, you'll be provided with a wallet address for the Bitcoin you're selling. If the transaction was successful, you need to click “Paid” Button to notify the system . All of the work is performed automatically between 5 and 1 hour.

In a closing note: This demonstration applies to all other cryptocurrency using TruexGOLD in the same way. Follow the exact steps if you wish to purchase and sell Binary/DERIV, purchase and sell Perfect money or even buy and sell Ethereum through TruexGOLD

Make Money Online by sending people to TruexGOLD

If you're an author, blogger, student, or have family members, friends or coworkers at work who love cryptocurrencies for buying and selling, you could make use of the TruexGOLD affiliate program to earn extra money by simply introducing your contacts to the sites

How do I become an affiliate user of TruexGold?

In the beginning, you'll need to first create an account with TruexGOLD, modify your information and complete all required information, as described in the article above. Go to the affiliate dashboard, and you will be able to activate your account as an affiliate. After that, you'll see the earnings statistics when you go to the affiliate dashboard.

How to promote the TruexGold Affiliate Links

It's as simple as letting your acquaintances know about it but don't forget to redirect your friends to TruexGOLD website with your affiliate links. You may obtain some promo images on TruexGOLD website by visiting Promotional Materials

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 20 dollars. Payments are made immediately after the administrator has verified the account. It is actually less than 24 hours after making a withdrawal request.

Read more about Affiliate FAQ (FAQ) on the TruexGOLd Official Websites


In the case of buying and selling bitcoin using TruexGOLD Speed and reliability are what you can expect, and they are courteous, knowledgeable, and adore their work. This is the reason why they assure that their customers are satisfied. You won't be unwise to give TruexGOLD an opportunity to try it out, and you'll get accurate exchange rates. for me. I have been enjoying the affiliate program since, while running my business in crypto, I will also recommend it to my friends and earn over 33 percent.


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