List of all Parallex Bank USSD Code [Full List]

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Parallex Bank Nigeria
Parallex Bank Nigeria

A list of all Parallex Bank USSD Code

The world of today moves quickly. Offering consumers simple and convenient banking services is important, and Parallex Bank recognizes this.

A simple and easy-to-use USSD code has been established by Parallex Bank to help make banking more accessible and quick.

Without ever needing to visit a branch or have internet connectivity, you may easily and quickly connect to a variety of banking alternatives straight on your phone with this Parallex Bank USSD code.

You may simply manage your accounts and do several transactions with only a few touches on the phone's keyboard.

By using the USSD code provided by Parallex Bank, you can check your account balance, transfer , pay your bills, buy , and do a lot more.

It is simple to recall. Anyone can use the USSD code because it is easy to remember and works with any mobile phone.

the times when you had to rush to the bank branch during hours or wait in long lineups. You may bank anytime, anywhere, with the convenience of having this Parallex Bank USSD code at your fingertips.

Time and effort will be saved by this effective and safe function.

Alright, enough of this.You're definitely trying to target that USSD code. Keep your cool and follow along as I walk you through all you need to know about Parallex Bank Code.

What exactly is the Parallex Bank USSD Code?

The USSD code to access Parallex Bank in Nigeria is *1242#. If you dial this code from your phone, you will be able to use many banking options and conduct transactions, such as checking your account's balance and transferring funds, buying , and many others.

Be sure to utilize the mobile number registered to the Parallex Bank account when using the USSD code.

The Parallex activation process requires the Bank's USSD Code

These are the items you'll need to do in order to activate the Parallex bank USSD code:

  • Parallex Bank account: It is required to open an account with a Parallex Bank account.
  • debit cards that are active and linked to your account.
  • Telephone number: You must also possess a number connected to your account.
  • Phones with mobile phones (browsing phones but not).

How to register to get the Parallex Bank USSD Code by 2024

To make use of for the Parallex Bank USSD Code, it is necessary to register or activate first. There are two factors in this. If you're already a current account holder or not,. In either case, here is how you can apply to get USSD: USSD code:

for Existing Parallex Bank Account Holders

  1. Make sure you dial *1242# on your telephone.
  2. Click on “Registration” and type in the account number (Retail account only)
  3. The debit card's PAN (Primary Account Number) will appear. Select the card you prefer when you own several.
  4. Enter your debit card's 4-digit PIN.
  5. Make a four-digit USSD transaction PIN.
  6. The confirmation email will confirm that your registration has been successfully completed.

for non-Account Holders

  1. Make sure you dial *1242# on your telephone.
  2. Choose “Account opening” and type in your (the phone number you use should be connected to the BVN).
  3. Check and verify your first name, middle name, and last name.
  4. Select ‘Accept' in order to get on with it, or click ‘Reject' to stop the entire process.
  5. Input your birth date in DD/MM/YY format, and go ahead.
  6. If you wish, input a personnel ID to request a referral, or simply skip it to get on with it.
  7. Make a preferred 7-digit account number, or choose to skip the numbers and continue.
  8. Make a four-digit USSD Transaction PIN.
  9. If all the requirements are met and all criteria are met, you will be granted a Tier 1 account that can be created with success, and you'll be notified via SMS of your account's number to your mobile phone number that you registered.

The list of Parallex Bank USSD Codes in 2024.

Below is a listing of Parallex Bank USSD Codes that are available:

  • Parallex Bank code for transfer of to Parallex Bank: *1242*amount*recipient account number
  • Parallex Bank code for transfer of funds to banks other than Parallex Account Number: 1242*Amount
  • Parallex Bank code to buy on your own: The code is: *1242*amount#
  • Parallex Bank code to buy airtime for others: *1242*amount*phonenumber#
  • Parallex Bank code for checking VBN: *565*0#
  • Account Opening Open Account: *1242#
  • Data Purchase 1242#
  • Payment of Bills Payment of Bills: *1242#

Based on the operation you want to perform, you can dial the number and follow the prompts!

Parallex Bank USSD Code for Airtime

The process of purchasing Airtime using Parallex Bank Code is very easy and simple.

Its Parallex Bank code to buy Airtime to yourself is *1242*Amount#. If you wish to gift it to others, your USSD number is 1242 * Amount * Phone#.

To buy the airtime with the Parallax Bank USSD code, you must comply with these instructions:

  1. Call *1242*Amount# from your phone (the phone number that you used to register the Parallex Bank account), and should you need to recharge your account for another, just dial *1242*Amount*Phone#.
  2. For example, if you want to recharge N500, dial *1242*500#, or for others, dial *1242*500*080123456789#.
  3. Click on the opportunity to purchase or recharge airtime.
  4. Select the preferred network (e.g., , , Airtel, or 9mobile).
  5. Verify the details of your transaction and Enter your four-digit USSD PIN for banking.
  6. Hit the send button in a few moments, and your mobile will be credited with the amount of airtime that you have selected.

How do I Transfer using Parallex Bank USSD code?

To transfer money from your account with Parallex Bank to a different bank, just dial *1242*amount*account #.

If you wish to transfer funds from your Parallex Bank Account to a different Parallex account, All you have to dial is *1242*amount*account #.

A list of all Parallex Bank Code 2024 questions

How can I purchase airtime through Parallex Bank?

Keep connected to your devices on the go. Wherever you may be, the number *1242# will be all it takes to recharge your airtime on your Parallex Bank account.

What is the perfect way to transfer funds to Parallex Bank?

1242 can be used for banking transactions such as transferring funds and checking your balance making payments to your bill, purchasing airtime, making debits that are not cardless, blocking your card BVN verification, and many other things without having to be connected to the data (internet) on your mobile. You just dial *1242# perform the transfer.

How do open Parallex Bank online?

Simply sign-up to Parallex Bank Internet Banking for the purpose of establishing Parallex accounts at banks.

How do I sign up for a Parallex Mobile Account? Parallex Mobile

  • Install and install the Parallex Bank Mobile App
  • Start the app and then click to sign up.
  • Input your personal information. Enter the information as directed, including your BVN number, email address, telephone number, and any additional information that is relevant to you.

About Parallex Bank

Parallex Bank Limited is a Nigerian financial service provider that is a commercially licensed bank that is governed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the nation's central bank, as well as the National Banking Regulator. It's the first and only microfinance bank to transit to a commercial bank in Nigeria.

Which is the bank that operates Parallex Bank?

Parallex Bank Limited was incorporated as a limited liability corporation on May 22, 2020. It had successfully transformed from Parallex Microfinance Bank (a national microfinance bank established in 2008 under the name of Unit MFB) to a commercial bank authorized by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

What number of branches does Parallex Bank have?

Parallex Bank is the first bank in Nigeria to transition from a microfinance institution to a commercial bank. Although it was initially originally a microfinance lender that was rated the rating ‘Bbb+' from Agusto & Co., it was among the top five banks within the sector with ten branches in Nigeria.

Who is the head who is the CEO of Parallex Bank?

Olufemi Bakre is the MD and CEO of Parallex Bank.

Conclusion of Parallex Bank USSD Code 2024

In summary, the Parallex USSD code offers clients convenience, accessibility, and security at their doorstep, enabling them to perform a range of banking activities with ease and efficiency.

Its constant availability for essential services like online purchases, money transfers, account transfers, and much more revolutionizes the banking experience.

Through the use of the Parallex Bank USSD Code, customers can deposit money at any time, from any location, and enjoy a simple, stress-free banking experience.

I sincerely hope that this post has helped you locate what you were looking for!I am appreciative of your time spent reading!

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