How Much is Dollar to Naira Today?

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How Much is Dollar to Naira Today?
How much is a dollar to a today?

What is the dollar-to- exchange rate today?

US dollars, British Pounds and Nigerian today: Convert USD to NGN at the real exchange rate

BTC NGN/BTC87,875,000₦
GB NGN/GBP1,824.1451₦
PA NGN/PAB1,406₦
SA NGN/SAR374.8534₦
US NGN/USD1,406₦
15 Jul · CurrencyRate · NGN
Check: 15 Jul 2024 04:05 UTC
Latest change: 15 Jul 2024 04:00 UTC
API: CurrencyRate
Disclaimers. This plugin or website cannot guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates displayed. You should confirm current rates before making any transactions that could be affected by changes in the exchange rates.
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1 USD to NGN: Convert US Dollars to Nigerian Nairas

Conversion From United States Dollar To Nigerian Naira

The FinancialExpert currency calculator enables quick conversion between the United States dollar, British Pounds, and Nigerian naira. Travelers in the United States, United Kingdom can easily convert currencies based on the current exchange rate. This tool is also beneficial for investors involved in international stock exchanges with various currencies.

Users can convert from USD, GBP, to Nigerian naira using current or historical rates by selecting the desired exchange rate date. By default, today's date is selected. Additionally, the currency calculator displays the previous day's rates as well as the highest and lowest conversion rates for USD, GBP to Nigerian naira. Results are presented in a user-friendly table format. In addition to the USD, GBP to Nigerian naira rate, FinancialExpert's currency calculator offers exchange rates for approximately 5 foreign currencies.

United States Dollar – Nigerian Naira Currency Calculator

The base currency you are currently utilizing is the USD, and GBP while your desired currency is the Nigerian naira, with an exchange rate of one United States dollar, and GBP You have the option to choose from approximately 5 currencies on both lists for the preferred exchange rates. Furthermore, the currency calculator enables you to calculate historical exchange rates in addition to the current rate. The results are displayed in table format, showing the closing rates from the previous day, the opening rate, as well as the highest and lowest rates for the specific day.


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