Infopool Fidelity Bank Login [Full Guide]

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Fidelity Bank

Infopool Login: Everything You Need to Know

uses the term “Infopool” to describe an exclusive portal that is available on Microsoft's platform exclusively to their bankers. It facilitates access to account information and other banking services within the institution. In order to ensure streamlined operations and efficient service delivery, this system aggregates and delivers essential data to bankers.

Understanding Infopool at Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank's Infopool serves primarily the needs of bankers rather than customers as part of its internal infrastructure. Within the bank, it facilitates easy access to critical information and tools needed for effective decision-making and client management.

Accessing Customer Services

For customers of Fidelity Bank, online banking services are accessible through their secure website at This official channel provides a user-friendly interface for logging in and managing personal banking activities securely.

Key Features of Infopool

  • Internal Tool: Exclusively for Fidelity Bankers.

  • Data Aggregation: Provides comprehensive banking data and tools.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Facilitates quick decision-making and client service.

How Infopool Works

The Infopool platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's platform to deliver real-time data and tools to Fidelity Bankers. The application supports a variety of functions essential for daily banking operations, ensuring that bankers have access to the latest information and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What is Infopool at Fidelity Bank?

Infopool is a specialized portal on Microsoft's platform designed for Fidelity Bankers to access account information and banking services internally.

Can customers access Infopool?

No, Infopool is exclusively for Fidelity Bankers. Customers should use the official Fidelity Bank online banking portal for their banking needs.

Where can I log in to my Fidelity Bank account as a customer?

Customers can securely log in to their accounts at for online banking services.

What are the key benefits of Infopool?

Infopool allows Fidelity Bankers to access critical banking information quickly, enhancing operational efficiency and client service.

Is Infopool part of the customer login?

No, Infopool is an internal tool for bankers and not part of the customer login.


Infopool at Fidelity Bank is a dedicated system designed to empower bankers with the necessary tools and information to deliver exceptional service. It also helps bankers manage client accounts effectively. While customers access their accounts through the official online banking portal, Infopool remains an essential component of internal banking operations at Fidelity Bank.


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