The 2024 Flutterwave Transaction Limits [Updated]

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The 2024 Transaction Limits [Updated]

Welcome to FinancialExpert.NG, the reliable source for all your financial needs! If you're utilizing for your online transactions, you might be wondering about its transaction limits.

Flutterwave, a renowned financial technology company, offers a seamless payment solution to both businesses and individuals worldwide.

Understanding the transaction limits is crucial to ensuring a smooth and efficient payment process without any unforeseen surprises.

In this informative blog post, we will delve into the transaction limits provided by Flutterwave, their operational procedures, and the key factors you need to be mindful of in order to maximize your transactions.

Understanding Flutterwave Transaction Limits

Flutterwave sets limits on transactions to limit the amount of cash that can be exchanged during a specified time.

They are there in order to assure the safety of transactions and to be in compliance with regulations.

Limits for transactions can vary depending on various factors, including the kind of account used as well as the amount of verification and mode of payment used.

Flutterwave Transaction Limits

Flutterwave Individual Accounts Limit

N500,000 for each transaction, as well as N500,000 per day.

Flutterwave-registered businesses limit

N500,000 for each transaction and an unlimited daily accumulation.

Flutterwave NGOs/Charities Limit

N500,000 for each transaction, and N1 million per day cumulative.

Do Transaction Limits Vary Depending on the Country or Region?

In the case of any other currency or country in another countries, the NGN equivalent to the value above will be used per currency.

How do you boost the amount of Flutterwave transaction limit?

Contact us at to request an improvement in the number of transactions you can make. The email should include the following information:

  • The anticipated limit of transactions has been increased.
  • An image of your valid ID card and a picture of yourself holding the ID card
  • The motive behind the improve-in-limit request
  • The merchant's website(s) (if they were not previously offered)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find my limits for transactions on Flutterwave?

You can examine your transactions limits by signing into your Flutterwave account and then going to the account or settings section. There, you'll find details regarding your current limits for transactions as well as any restrictions applicable.

How many transactions can Flutterwave handle?

By March 2021, Flutterwave was processing 140 million transactions that were worth more than $9 billion. As of February 20, 2022, the number of processing transactions had risen by 40% to 200 million. Transaction worth increasing by 78% to reach $16 billion.

What can I do to boost the limits of my transactions on Flutterwave?

It is possible that you will be eligible to raise your transaction limit via email at, requesting an increase in the transaction limit. The email must contain the following information: Your amount of the transaction that is expected to increase, as well as a picture of your current ID and a photo of you carrying your ID card, the reasons for the boost request, and the retailer's website(s) (if you have not already supplied).

Are there any ways to request a short-term rise in my limit for transactions in relation to a particular purchase?

In certain instances, customers might be able to obtain an indefinite boost in their limits for transactions on a specific transaction by calling Flutterwave's customer service team and providing pertinent information and supporting documentation.

Conclusion on Flutterwave Transaction Limits

In conclusion, having a thorough understanding of the restrictions imposed on Flutterwave's transactions is crucial for ensuring seamless and efficient transactions.

These limitations are put in place to control the amount of that can be exchanged within a specific timeframe. They may vary depending on factors such as account verification, type, and payment method.

By being well-informed about the transaction limits on Flutterwave and staying updated on any new updates or changes, you can maximize the value of your transactions and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

If you have any inquiries regarding this blog post, please feel free to leave a comment in the designated comments section, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your visit!


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